According to the news,As long as Chakra meets the standard, you can practice directly.。

This does not comply with his cognition of Xianke,It seems that they have mastered some kind of technology.。
The power of the fairy is of course clear,This may also be prepared for their cope。
“I hope that those people don’t want to make them.,This is directly invaded”He said faintly。
Even the glow night of the Ten Ten is not the opponent of Spring,I know how strong him。
And the fluctuations on the sky are likely to be caused by him.。
“Lets see,I still have time,Always have a chance”
Voice is just,This person suddenly disappeared。
The dazzling radiance is slowly disappeared,Spring and Ning’s figure appear again。
Just Ning Ji slightly some wolves,Green Chakra on the body also breaks。
In the eyes, it also exposes a revivement of blue light.。
And the spring has no change。 “Spring, you are amazing,This is almost disagreeable with my ability.,how did you do it”
Ningji put Chakra in the body,Looking at Spring。
“Imitate,This is my ability,This pure Chakra skill is very simple to me.”Spring smiles。
His eyes although the auxiliary ability is quite metamorphosis,But there is no direct attack ability。
The golden wheel of Ning is exploding is to make up for the shortcomings of this.。
“All right,After you can practice your body,This attack remaining can’t resist,Your body is not just weak.”Spring smiles。
at this time,Hui Night and others watch the battle,Also slowly came to them here。
“I tried your breath to improve the strength of the body.,But it seems that you can’t improve some extent.,Excessive use will weaken”Ning Ji said。
“Ha ha,How is it so easy?,Method for destroying cells then repair,Of course feasible in a certain degree,But due to our specialty,If over-destruction,That will only weaken the strength of cells”
“So you can’t do this later.,This is a special nature I found.”Spring laughed and said。
“Then how do you make progress?”Ningjun asked。
The body of the spring is definitely more powerful than him.,If you don’t have a hard workout, it is impossible to succeed.。
But Springs but said,Can’t destroy cell,Let it regenerate to achieve stronger cells to achieve powerful。
This makes Ning very puzzled。
Chapter 23 Body secret
“Don’t say that you can’t make your body,But this must have a degree,Our physical recovery is too strong.,Once you don’t stop manufacturing new cells,It will make your own cells step by step”Spring is looking at the people,Explain。
His people and Ning。
“Maybe I haven’t explained before.,Now I will explain it in detail with you.”Spring continued to say。
“My current body cell is the initial tap that is injected into my gene.,The fairy body of the basic and the initials is not too much.”
“Now,My body is absolutely better than the initial generation”
“Causes of this situation,It is my own cell that has become very powerful.,It’s hard to be destroyed,This requires a special practice method”
Spring explanation。
“In what way?”Ning asked。
“Gravity cultivation,Strengthen your own gravity by step by step,Let your body constantly in pressure,To make your own cells adapt to constantly strengthen”Spring said。
“so it is,No wonder the coastal wood family also has some cultivation of people,But no one can reach this height.”Hui Night suddenly realized。
If there is no way,That of the big torch can only be slowly stronger with its own hard work.,It is impossible to walk shortcuts.。
But the cultivation of the moon in the year is not that they can easily get strength.,So I didn’t have a person who had a strong body and the degree of Spring.。