“Long pool,I really don’t know if I have this money.,If you know that you will not kill。”

“Is it to kill him for a person who is forced to force a military??”
“Yes,And have been successful,They sent me a letter,Ask me to send people to Hong Kong to negotiate with the person in charge。”Xiaoyan speaks to Balance,
“It seems that Chongqing is very important to this matter.,And there is no punishment,Can you tell me why??”Qi Rui。
“Long pool,We have a lot of businessmen or agents to do business in their borders.,As long as you don’t sell violations,Many times, for the sides of the money, it’s a close one.。”Xiaoli said to the audio view:“Long pool,It’s a shirt, let me do this.,I can’t say more other.。”
Xiaoyi to Bai Lang is also worried about the long history of the pool.,Listed to the horse, what happened,Sigshery agencies are trading goods with counterfeit banknotes!This strikes are poisonous,It seems that this time, the green wood is busy, it is the matter.,Bank’s mission shirts have never given up,Now ready to continue。
“Is it a tibu dog??”
“Jiu Chi Hall?”
“Guess can also guess,This is given to Mr. You a fortune.!Don’t forget me later.!”Laughter,
“If there is no long pool hall, I have my Shangli Hall.,I will repay this kind of kindness.。”Xiaoyan said to Bailiang,
Qi Rui left the special high school in the half road to Zheng Yao first called a call.,Tell him to see the warehouse tomorrow night.,After that, I called Li Xiaoyu.,Determine that Zhuang Xiaoman is prepared to get back。
Qi Rui looked at the time, I went to a terminal.,Tonight is going to act,He wants to determine everything in the pier.。
NS438chapter You must come back
The dock is still guarded,Long Tiri Junku is a person in the task force,The Japanese military officers and men also know him,So no matter where he went, no one dares to ask。
Rui Rui once again survived the http://www.360jzfw.cn pier and water,Dark road:“This pier can moraw thousands of tons of freighter,This water width is estimated to have more than 600 meters.,Already in June now,Water is not so cold,Jiang Xing and Jiang Tong are still very secure,They should not brag。”
Look again to watch the warehouse,The ammunition box inside is installed in a wooden box.,Also the same as before,Qi Rui asked these ammunitions to take a few days,So the time is absolutely。
“Long pool,Is there anything to find??”Shen Tian Youmen came over and asked,
“I have been pondering how this thief is doing.,If it is my warehouse I want to explore these more than five meters in the dark night, it is impossible.,He can quickly find the target item in this case,Really let people feel unexpected!”Ruusu is certainly going to leave some impressions of the case.,
http://www.jiao120.cnLong Pool Pavilion is not expensive again.,We have passed the programs of clear water,And I have found a suitable Chinese to do this.,At that time, please ask 10 parties and Yuxi Bo Bo Kee to help help。”Shen Tian Youmen said,
“They are not always following you,Do not worry,Their ability is very strong,As long as the target, I can’t get it.。”
“We also hope that this is really successful.!Because this case is too long time.。”
“Where are you ready to host this event??”The dock is definitely not,Qi Rui,
“蕙 蕙 大 in Hongkou。”
“it is good!that is a good place,Not far from the gendarmerie。”Qi Rui said, watching the table:“it is good,Since you have designed well,Then I will wait for your good news.。”
“Is the long pool??”Shen Tian You Qian,
“I will definitely go,This can be the task handed to me.。”
Qi Rui http://www.zzchenyang.cn called Song Jian and Tang Rui to have a few words to drive before,He has directly went to the Huimin drug store in the public rental to pick up Fu Yingxue went to the small building.。
The military team members are still here.,Lively to make a custom-time bomb immediately after I arrived.,No one hour twelve timed bombs are completed,He gave the bomb to Jiang Tong and Jiang Xing asked:“Did detection??”
“Detection,Tour to the opposite terminal about more than 600 meters,This is a little meaning of our brother.,Guarantee no problem。”Jiang Tong said,
“There is a defending army on the dock.,And there is patrol boat on the river,You have to dive a long distance from the location I specified.,Can you still do it??”
“We can’t exercise in advance,Once the deviation occurs, you must give up the action to go back to evacuate.,This is an order,Do you remember??”
“Yes!We will never make mistakes!”
“I believe you,I have a reward for this task.!”Ruiruity trust,
“Guarantee completion tasks!”
“Who should pick up?”Qi Rui asked Li Xiaoyu and Zhou Dawei and others,
“I!”Li Xiaon said,
I have a little man with a small man.:“Only you??”
“Yes!I will drive to meet them.,Even if I encounter a check, I will also say it.,I don’t want to say that I will say that I have a good time.!Whee……”
Li Xiaoyu’s words, Fu Ying, who is helping the ginger and Jiang Xing with oil paper package bomb.,Rude:“The chance of encountering devil patrols and whistle cards,If you really encounter trouble, you can say this.。”