Beijing will publicly collect employee housekeeping service enterprises to determine employee housekeeping services enterprises can apply for subsidies, etc.

The policy is more divided into the support of the housekeeping industry. Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued the "Notice on Public Collection of Beijing Municipal Employee Housekeeping Enterprises (2022) List" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice") said that Beijing will publicly collect employee housekeeping services in the city, Determined employee housekeeping services enterprises can apply for subsidies. At present, housekeeping companies in the market are mainly mediated. The list of employees and housekeeping services companies may also encourage market segmentation.

In industry, the management, training or more strict management, training or more stringent employee makers, and enhance the feelings of practitioners to occupation.

"Notice" pointed out that Beijing will publicize employee housekeeping services in the city.

The final identified employee housekeeping enterprise can apply to enjoy the unemployment insurance return, post subsidies, social security subsidies, exemption of value-added tax.

Employee’s housekeeping services, refers to direct contracting services directly to consumers (customers), signing labor contracts or service agreements with housekeeping service, and paying social insurance premiums (accredited in social insurance or urban and rural residents have accredited in urban workers. Social insurance premiums), unified arrangement of service personnel provide services to consumers (customers), direct payment or labor remuneration from the service personnel not less than the local minimum wage standard, and continuous training for service personnel. After the final identified employee housekeeping enterprise, you can apply to the registered human resources and social security department to implement special working hours permit, as well as unemployment insurance, post subsidies, social security subsidies, etc., can also apply for returning to the relevant departments. The specific support quota and mode are determined in accordance with the year policy).

At the same time, it is also possible to apply to the Registered Regional Housing Construction Committee (Housing Management Bureau) to coordinate the resolution of employee collective dormitory, and declare the tax department to enjoy the exemption of VAT policies. According to reports, Beijing will strengthen supervision, and the qualifications of fake fake deings, the qualifications of their employees, and do not apply again in three years, recover their fund subsidies, and record their credit files at the same time. .

This policy will subsidize the object to the employee system, which is also complement to the industry’s development short board.

An unwillingness to disclose the name of the home economy said to the Beijing Business Daily reporter that in the Beijing market, the employee’s housekeeping service company is relatively low, and most of the intermediary business is mainly. Employee system means that companies need to establish financial, personnel systems, and pay insurance for employees, etc., the company’s operating costs are higher than those in business

The development staff system has become the focus of the promotion and expansion of the domestic industry.

Not long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission WeChat released the three-year implementation plan for the promotion of the promotion of the promotion of the promotion of the promotion of the promotion of the promotion of the promotion of the promotion of the residential service industry (2021-2023) "(hereinafter referred to as" Implementation Plan ") pointed out that by 2023, each leader city cultivated More than 3-year-old employee system (employee housekeeping staff accounts for more than 50%), the coverage rate of community housekeeping network has reached more than 90%, and 10% of housekeeping staff have received housekeeping education.

The "Implementation Plan" 32 32 key tasks mentioned in the development of employees and government enterprises. Implement relevant policies, providing housing security for employees and community employees, formulating a new model of demonstration text, and implementing new models of housekeeping services.

In the above industry experts, employee system is a panacea for rectifying the chaos of the housekeeping market. He believes that housekeeping companies managed by employees have more stability, and the industry is more belonging, and the company’s continuous technical training management is conducive to promoting the upgrade of the entire industry.

The housekeeping service is also a service in the market. According to the 2020 National Consultative Association, the total number of housekeeping and housekeeping services, the total contractual class is more, mainly involved in the complaint content, mainly involved, the contract is unknown, the housekeeping company has a service lag latency, housekeeping personnel Since its own reason is suddenly left behind.

In the face of market gaps, policies also encourage enterprises to enter the housekeeping market. In January this year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued the "Notice on Strengthening and Improved Residential Property Management", and encouraged conditions to extend to pension, children, home economics, and explore property services. + Life Service Model.

This means that property enterprises have gradually relaxed.