Breakthrough in vocational education to achieve "corner overtaking"

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"Recently, in the" Promoting Modern Vocational Education High Quality Development "forum hosted by the Ministry of Education Vocational and Technical Education Center, Deputy Director Lin Yu, Vocational Education and Adult Education Division, revealed a group of data: according to UNESCO The statistics of the organization, the cost of studying in vocational education is about 3 times that of ordinary education.

Today, the number of enrollment in higher vocational education accounts for more than 55% of higher education, while the financial direct investment obtained by higher vocational education only accounts for about 20% of the entire higher education. He suggested that we must focus on building effective investment mechanisms, and earnestly improve vocational colleges, especially a school-running condition. In this regard, Zhu Yongxin, a Vice-Secretary-General and Deputy Chairman of the National Committee of China, and Vice Chairman of the People’s Central Committee. Surveyed by the level of economic and social development and industrial structure in the western region, vocational education in the western region is relatively backward in the central and eastern parts of the West. Only from the school area, according to the 2019 Education Statistical Yearbook, the construction area of ??secondary vocational schools in the western region is square meters, lower than the national average square meters.

  Not just the problem of funding, Zhu Yongxin believes that some professional schools are unclear, lack of planning, homogenization in professional settings. Some vocational schools tend to open a major professional, or have a "hipster" professional.

  He once observed that there were 24 secondary vocational schools in a city in the western part, and more than 90% of schools have opened automotive repair, cooking, computer, e-commerce, etc., which will be constructed as a key professional. "It is difficult to build a high-quality team of teachers in all institutions, and it is difficult to make a feature.

Zhu Yongxin said.

  He suggested that promoting the high-quality development of vocational education, first increase the investment security of vocational education in the western region, focus on addressing the conditions for running schools in the school school and teachers in China; strengthening the layout of the development of vocational education; Institutional mechanism for the development of the semes; strengthen the industrial industry and vocational education, and the development of vocational education in the East and Western.

  In recent years, in order to improve the promotion of vocational education, the "ceiling" of vocational education has been broken, and the vocational education has been explored in vocational education. For example, from 2013, some places have successively launched the middle-aged and specialist, undergraduate, secondary vocational, specialist "3 + 2", "3 + 4", higher vocational and undergraduate "3 + 2" through the pilot. In this regard, Zhang Zhiyong, the National People’s Congress, the Executive Dean of the Beijing Normal University, China Education Policy Research Institute, in the forum, although the modern vocational education system of general-time fusion gradually formed. But this academic system is facing the dilemma of "shaving a child."

"Undergraduate colleges do not have any interested interest." He believes that most schools have no real way of training, "through the training" is not true. "From the strategy to clarify the system of modern vocational education in my country and accelerate the vocational education system.

"Zhang Zhiyong suggested that the problem of solving the" one cold "is to accelerate the high vocational education system of the specialist level, build a group of five-year higher vocational schools cultivated in secondary and higher vocational education; in addition, it is necessary to high quality Listening and ordinary undergraduate transformation two legs walking, accelerate the establishment of an undergraduate higher vocational education system; through the general undergraduate college and high-quality vocational undergraduate colleges, a professional master’s degree, professional doctoral education, and speed up a higher vocational education system in my country. October On the 12th, China, China, issued the "Opinions on Promoting the High Quality Development of Modern Vocational Education", which made strategic deployment on high quality development of modern vocational education, which is a program for promoting high quality development of modern vocational education. On the forum, Lin Yu shared a group of employment data: the employment rate of the secondary vocational graduates was maintained in more than 95% in 10 years, and the graduates of higher vocational graduates more than 90%, 70% of the professional school graduates in the county. Employment; more than 70% of the new employees of modern manufacturing and emerging industries from vocational colleges.

  He believes that after the emergence of the undergraduate policy of vocational education, in the process of building a modern vocational education system, the boundary of modern vocational education, hierarchical division, inherent logic, and external relationship will become an important part of the health and orderly development of future vocational education.

Lin Yu recommends that on the one hand, it is necessary to make up the short board, accelerate the modern vocational education system, ensure high quality talent supply and fairness to students; in addition to promote the integration of education, through in-depth education and education, enrichment, quality, Upgrade services, by improving the ability of vocational education, further teaching and teaching. "To seize the time of modern information technology, rapid mature time, strive to achieve the ‘corner overtaking’." Lin Yu said.

  Zhongqing report · trainee reporter Yang Jie.