Symptoms of scarlet fever have some common manifestations of how to deal with everyday

Symptoms of scarlet fever have some common manifestations of how to deal with everyday

Scarlet fever is an acute respiratory infection caused by group A B (B) type hemolytic streptococcus that produces erythrotoxin.

The annual spring and winter seasons are the seasons in which scarlet fever is more susceptible to infection. Traditional Chinese medicine is called “rotten throat”, and a few people may develop allergic heart and kidney complications after the disease.

So what are the common symptoms of scarlet fever?

What should I do on a daily basis?

Clinical manifestations of scarlet fever 1. Ordinary scarlet fever: More than 95% of patients during this epidemic fall into this category.

Rapid onset, fever, angina, strawberry tongue; onset 1?
Two times, a scarlet fever-like rash appeared, and the skin was diffusely congested and flushed. In the meantime, there was a reddish rash of the orangutan size, and the fading of the pressure was also a “chicken rash” or “miliary rash.”

There is a dense red rash on the skin folds.

The skin is reddish (ie, the Barthel wire).

At the same time, there are Yangmei tongue and pale mouth.

The rash subsided after 5 days.

The skin of the rash has desquamation or peeling.

2, light scarlet fever: fever, angina, rash are very light, short duration, desquamation is also light.

3, poisoned scarlet fever: severe toxemia, toxic myocarditis and septic shock.

4, sepsis type scarlet fever: manifested as severe suppurative lesions.

The angina is obvious, and there may be necrosis and ulceration.

Pharyngeal inflammation often spreads to surrounding tissues, causing purulent lesions or bacteria entering the blood circulation of adjacent organs and tissues, causing sepsis and migratory suppurative lesions.

5, surgical or obstetric scarlet fever: rash often appears around the wound first, and then throughout the body, often without angina.

What should I do with scarlet fever?

1, patients with isolation treatment can be hospitalized or left home isolation, the isolation period is generally 7?
For 10 days, those who have the condition can be isolated until the symptoms of re-anesthesia after the symptoms disappear.

2, the contact person’s treatment of medical contacts for close contacts, observation period 7?
12 days, observation content: whether there is fever, angina, strawberry tongue, diffuse red rash and other similar symptoms of scarlet fever, those who have similar symptoms of scarlet fever should be treated promptly.

How to prevent scarlet fever?

1, patients seek medical treatment in a timely manner, symptomatic treatment.

2, to ensure rest and nutrition when you are sick, drink plenty of water; do not exercise.

3, wash hands frequently, diligent ventilation.

Do not share daily necessities such as towels and cutlery to avoid prolonged contact.

4, take a good mask when going out, cough, sneeze should use paper towels, etc., to avoid the spread of droplets.

5, usually strengthen physical exercise, improve the body’s ability to resist disease.

6, child care, schools and other collective units, the popular season should further strengthen the morning inspection and sanitation management work, once found similar symptoms of teachers and students, should be advised to go to the hospital for treatment or rest at home, and then return to school after returning to health.
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