Nanjing launched a service company face -to -face visit: precise and efficient service enterprise

Original title: Accurate and efficient service enterprises boost market subject confidence. (Reporter Zou Wei) In order to conscientiously implement the requirements of steady growth and stable market entities, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government decided to recently conduct a "service enterprise · face -to -face" visit to the city. Activity.

On May 30, Han Liming, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, took the lead in participating in the event and communicated in depth with the person in charge of the enterprise to ask the needs, sending services, solving problems, and strong confidence. She emphasized that the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech instructions must be implemented, the deployment of the TV telephone conference on the economic market is to establish and improve the health interaction mechanism of the government and enterprises to stabilize the economy and promote development, and further expand the policy channels of the policy. The market subject grows steadily, go all out to ensure that the economy is running in a reasonable range, and effectively implement the major requirements of "the epidemic should be defended, the economy must stabilize, and the development must be safe." This "service enterprise · face -to -face" visitor has sorted out a group of representative companies in various industries and fields in the city, and leading cadres at all levels will be visited. Among them, the leaders of the four sets of teams in the city will recently visit a number of key enterprises.

According to the requirements of the plan, the large visit will focus on the promotion of policy to enjoy the policy, resolve the problems of corporate development, and promote the service to the side, and establish an efficient advancement mechanism to implement classification and grading services. In other ways, the "point -to -point" service guarantee for the difficulties encountered by the production and operation of enterprises.

Yaxin Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. is a national high -tech enterprise in the field of software. Han Liming visited the enterprise exhibition hall, learned about research and development and operation, and asked about the impact of the epidemic.

The person in charge of the enterprise reported that due to the influence of a foreign epidemic, some employees are still working at home, and some orders are delayed.

Han Liming said that the digital economy is the talent economy and the impact of the epidemic on the flow of personnel. The relevant departments should strengthen the docking with the enterprise and take more flexible and pragmatic measures under the premise of precise prevention and control. , Open a green channel, etc., and the unblocked personnel come to Ning to return to Ning to better ensure the development of enterprise operations.

On the day of the sixth national science and technology worker day, Han Liming communicated in depth with corporate scientific researchers, listened to opinions and suggestions, and extended holiday congratulations and condolences.

She said that in danger, the epidemic has also spawned many new needs and new businesses. He hoped that scientific and technological personnel and enterprises should be firm and committed to innovation. The majority of enterprises should seize the opportunities for Nanjing to build a new digital economy, and cooperate with industry leading enterprises and in -depth cooperation in Ning universities to build a first -class ecology and make bigger and stronger.

Nanjing Jianyou Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the production of domestic heparin ingredients, with more than 60%of products for export. Han Liming visited innovative products and laboratories to inquire about the recovery of product exports in detail.

The person in charge of the enterprise introduced that the company’s exports were mainly transported through sea roads. The export logistics was severely blocked some time ago and is gradually recovering.

Han Liming asked the relevant departments to continue the tracking services, open up the pain point, and ensure the stable and smooth supply chain.

At the same time, it is necessary to accelerate the opening and innovation of the entire industry chain of the biomedicine, helping enterprises to better use the two domestic and international markets and two resources to achieve greater development. Zhongke Chaoshen is mainly engaged in the research and development of innovative technology of tumor radiation therapy and advanced products. The first phase of the "Kirin Knife" technology innovation industrial park is under intense construction and plans to put into operation in the first half of the year. Han Liming came to the project site to understand the planning of the park’s planning, construction progress, product development, etc., and affirmed the results of the project team insisted on independent innovation and determined to solve the problem of the "stuck neck" problem, and asked what was the problem in the project promotion. She said that major projects are steady -growing cockpit stones. All levels and departments should strengthen the guarantee of factors, improve the level of service, and efficiently solve the difficult points encountered in the promotion, and promote the project to be completed and put into production as soon as possible. In Nanjing today’s headline technology Co., Ltd., Han Liming listened to the introduction and asked about business segments and revenue composition.

She said that as a representative of the new economy and new formats, the position and role of the platform economy in economic and social development are increasingly prominent. It is necessary to grasp the trend and scientific planning to achieve healthy development. Nanjing is accelerating the construction of an international consumer center city. It is hoped that enterprises and related parties to deepen cooperation and help more business enterprises turn "traffic" into "retention". The current downward pressure on the economy is increasing. It is hoped that enterprises to play the advantages of platform communication, and work with the government to do a good job in publicity to help enterprises’ rescue policies, and work together to work together.

During the visit, Han Liming emphasized that leading cadres and relevant departments at all levels should take feelings and responsibilities to carry out "service companies · face -to -face" visits as an urgent task, strengthen organizational leadership, promote efficient and efficiently, warm care and warmth Send it in place, bring back the demands of the problem, solve the actual difficulties, and respond to the expectations of the company with realistic results. In response to the prominent problems reflected by the market subject, we must establish and improve mechanisms such as the promotion of special classes, "solve the problem before", etc., which not only solves the common problems of the face, but also "point -to -point" to solve personality problems. Strong confidence and continuously consolidate the micro foundation of stable economic growth. Jiang Yuejian, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary -General, attended.

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