Is it,Our teacher Lu is really bragging,Just toss people indiscriminately?Some 16 class students present thought to themselves in their hearts。

“He Bu,stand up!”at this time,A serious voice yelled from behind everyone。
The 16th class students who heard this sound split in an uproar,Gave up a channel。
Strange,He Bu, who was already tired and limp, heard this voice,Opened my eyes suddenly,A waist,Holding the Daguan knife and staggering to stand up。
“Can chop stones!”The person here is Lu Menglin,Said in a particularly calm tone。
Cao Wen turned her head,Happened to be face to face with Lu Menglin,Looked at each other。
“You are teacher lu?”Cao Wen frowned and asked。
Unfortunately at the moment,In Lu Menglin’s eyes, except for He Bu,No one,He didn’t care about Cao Wen, the beautiful teacher,But pointed to the huge piece of granite on the playground。
He Bu’s eyes followed Lu’s fingers,Involuntarily fell on the giant granite。
then,He smiled,And laugh happily!
Everyone saw such a short student,With that bright smile,Like a cool autumn wind,Like the warm light of an ancient city,All froze for a while。
He Bu stepped on swaying steps,Dragging the sword,Step by step came to the front of the giant granite。
“he,What he wanna do?”Cao Wen asked in shock。
“Split it!It’s now!”Lu Menglin shouted。
He Bu shocked,Conditioned reflex,Wrap arms,Then he shot out like lightning!
The knife light drew a stunning arc in mid-air,Accurately hit the center line of the huge rock。
This knife is so beautiful!The knife action is almost perfect,It seems that there is a great principle of heaven and earth in it,So that everyone present has such a moment of intoxication。
Knife light as snow,Flashed across the retina of everyone,Leaving only a touch of light。