“God Hou also hopes,Someone went to save Wang Dao Chang?Let the Murong take me back,I saved people.。”Cheng Lingu is very easy。

Logically is nothing wrong……
Just assume that Chu Deirers and Li Mo are not in this matter.,Mandarin is just your best,Damn in his own teacher,So this time Murong Fuzhi knows the poison in Wang Chongyang.,Need Mandarin to solve,After discovering that the stone was killed,Track the way,And bring back Lin’an,It looks reasonable。
After all, Cheng Lai and Mandarin have a door,Dead horse as a living horse doctor,What is wrong??
Cheng Lingu does not need to play as a stone,It’s just a good thing in the identity of Chenglingin.,Showing her role,Even the ruling mountain villa will also treat each other……
After all, stone is the first poison teacher.,It is also a relationship with the world’s first Zhuang.,Not what own people!
However, the Chu Deiren shook his head at this time.:“Not necessarily!The poison in the king,I will find a way。Myself,It should be able to solve the problem。”
Chu Deirers all kinds of detoxification、Restriction、Martial arts,Know not too much……
“But you can’t get a letter of Raolong Villa。”Li Mozhen looked up with Chu Deirers。
Chu Deirers just shake their heads,No explanation——Cheng Lingsin and him、Wang Chongyang,No reason,There is no half relationship with the ancient tomb.,Chu Dee people don’t want her to take this risk!
In case known by God,She is working with her own,I only afraid that she can’t walk away the Renong Villa.。
Dedicated to Wang Zhongyang is the stone,Cheng Lingu feels that he is a matter of responsibility.,Chu Deirers also push the boat、Let her adventure,Another code……
And the Chu Deirers are not unable to do。
Previously in Jiulu Mountain,Although the Chu Deirers took the Liu Sheng but Malaysia,But I didn’t agree to cooperate with God Hou.,But let him swear in front of Liu Yisheng’s home emblem.,Never find Liu Shengwei’s trouble。
Also took the opportunity to him,Rear——A slutty path。
Because Liu Sheng, the martial arts of the horse is not low,Not voluntarily bothered,Once the impact,I will definitely feel it immediately.。
Therefore, the tire under the Chu Debans,I have completely lurked,Just as a“mark”。
even so,Chu Dee people dare not say,It will not be discovered,But it is possible not to be discovered.。
Two days ago,Liu Sheng but Malaysia in Luoyang,Received from Wang Zhongyang,Chu Deirers can self-comparison with people with Wang Zhongyang,Going to Huainan、Jiangnan……
When you arrive, the deer can play a little red.,Circle within dozens of miles,Can induce the presence of the tire,Take a step in advance!
Cheng Lingnin point ink black and white,Looked watching Chu Deirers,After you play:“Chu Da Ge,You don’t have to express your mind now。”
Chu Deiren glanced at her,After that, Li Mozhen said:“You will return to the ancient tomb.,I try to give the gift for Wang and your previous gift.,Take back together。”
“gift?”Li Mozhen is boring。
“kindness,Should be a gift……”Chu Deirens did not forget Master Li Mozhen,What is killed by an old madman。
Ouyang Feng is still not crazy,but……The title of Siling is in line with all standards,The Chu Deiren cut his head at the time.,There are also this intention。
Although I have not brought,But so many professionals in the gas,Naturally, there is a good way to save,After the Chu Deer can send it to the tomb.,If it is his words,Just take the mastery to worship Li Mozhen and the little dragon girl。
“Master,look《Medicinal》Thing……”Chu Deirers are also intentional and Cheng Lingsin.。
Cheng Lingnin turned into the eye:“Chu Da Ge is so sincerely to make a teacher,That……I have a request?”
Chu Deirers heard a sentence,I am really just a fun.,certainly,Really want to give《Medicinal》if,I have no opinion。
“any request?”Chu Deirers immediately asked。
“Japanese lines!”
“Good day!!I usually have a good day.……”Chu Demen is going to talk about his kindness。
“Not countless,Just starting from Chu Da Ge.!Write a diary,The next meeting is a teacher!”Cheng Lingshen said on one side,I don’t know some seriously.。
Chu Deiren left overnight,Hurrying into Huainan,Li Mozhen returned to the ancient tombs——Know that you can’t help it.,Li Mo does not have to follow up。
As for Cheng Lingin……
Li Mozhen looked at her,Hesitated,Still:“Liaotin sister is nowhere,Can come to the ancient tomb。”
Lin Chao Ying and the little dragon girl are not toxic.……
“Also,I have to go to the Nanshan indeed some medicinal materials.,But may not stay too long。”Cheng Lingsin and promise a peer。