But I will see,Like more than before,There is no location in the position.。

Three captain rebellious,The dog team leader is still inhau,So now count the team leader,There is only nine people in a total of。
I have to fight with the virtual ring.,But their top power is a bit worrying.。
According to the current community team, Tongshi, Tongshi, and their report.,Over-faced force is a predecessor of the head leader。
Especially http://www.ntglmall.cn in the broken surface『Ten blade』,According to the Tongfu Wumo,Even already comparable to the strength of the captain。
and『Ten blade』After the blade,The strength is more flying.,If you are not your own ice tire pill, just restrain the woman『Ten blade』Ability,Winter boilers did not grasp the autumn autumn。
The reason for the Captain held a meeting,That is, I intend to select the candidate to the virtual ring.。
Blue dyeing is the strength of them to the spirit,And their strength of the virtual ring is nothing to know.,Once you are playing, it is too losing.。
So the pre-war is very important.,If you can consume some powerful power,That’s better.。
certainly,Personal selection of the virtual ring,It is necessary to carefully think about it.。
After all, I am not going to travel.,But go to the virtual ring of http://www.bomexsolar.cn the enemy’s base camp,No excellent strength,Will only send people。
And their conference this time,It is a candidate who is finalized to the virtual ring.。
“Calculate me one,Old is in the heart of the corpse,Body is rusty,I hope that there is a guy worth a cut.。”
This kind of thing,More wood swords are naturally unshirkable,Although the body of the corpse is a lot,But don’t cut him with him.,Just try to try“Ten blade”Both are some guys。
For more wood sword eight,The team leader did not propose objections,After all, he is indeed a good candidate.。
As the strongest sword,Even if you don’t have the ability to liberate the knife,The strength of the wood sword is still the top level in the captain.。
And more wood swords are simple,Staying in the net spirits and makes it, he can’t help it.,It’s better to let him go to the virtual ring.。
After a quota, it has taken a quota.,As the 12th team of the Technical Development Bureau,Also wish to go。
On the one hand is his right“Break away”This kind of research material is interested,On the one hand, the channel from the corpse world to the virtual circle,Need him to open this technician。
Then it is a flower,Medical personnel,She is also asked。
And the flower of the front, I have been to the virtual ring.,The path should be more familiar……
This will have three captains.,Plus the words of their vice team,There are six people in total.。
But the team leader still feels not sufficient enough,In normal words,The three captains plus the deputy captain is already very strong.,But if you go to the virtual ring, it is far less than enough.。
If you have a lot of encounters“Ten blade”if,It is very likely that there is no chance to run back to the corpse.。
“Chief,Let me go together.。”
Looking at the head of the captain.,Dimming wood white,Aristocratic representative,He must stand up and look at the attitude。
The team leader did not refuse,But the team leader still feels that it is necessary to send a captain.。
Although Nirvon is the captain,But as a researcher,Power General。
I also swear before the flower,Unless there is no need,Otherwise I will not start again.,So this time it is also a medical person.。
That is to say, only the dead wood is white and more wood sword.,Obstead of war。
The team leader once again looked around the people on both sides.,I hope someone will consciously stand out.,Don’t let him call。
But unfortunately,In addition to the few decisions to go to the virtual ring,Other people are the same as penguins,Not a low-looking floor,Just look up and look at the ceiling,A pair of things don’t have a high-hanging look。
The captain saw everyone’s gesture,The eyes that have been squint have been calm.。
This group of bastards took a salary one day,But I always want to draw water,One of the specials, I don’t consciously,Do you want him to go to a virtual ring with an old bone??
Look around,Poisheron 14,Forehead,Sorrow,Take http://www.jhyamy.cn a few steps, you will have a lot of,It’s hard to ask him to go to the virtual ring.。
Then the team leader moved its line of view on the Supreme Facial Valley.,The latter seems to be aware of,Rapida stands out,When you have a fight with ten blade before you,A little injury。
joke,His winter boiler is not new now.,It is so dangerous in the world.,Now I have to go to the virtual ring?