“New Broning1911,It should be purchased from black market。”

“Less than 20 meters away from three people open nine guns,Their goal is Li Dingchuan,Fortunately, they can’t do it.,In addition, the bodyguard has blocked two shots for Li Dingchuan.。”Liu Shengmei also said,
“Today,Mr. Li is fine.?”
“It has been out of danger now,But still need to cultivate some time,Three bodyguards are also injured,High bridge,A number of people protect them,I am worried that someone will hurdle.。”
“commander,This time, it is definitely not a professional killer.,But there is anyone behind the scenes to make an investigation。”Gao Qiao Yazi said,
“Several people to check,You have checked the well-known songs and bands of Bailemen these days.,Because the name of the name, you want to perform each other。”Today’s well,
Bailemen celebration,Defending is definitely based on the Minhang Command and Special http://www.zgcydh.cn Code.,Today, Yangyou has received the order begins to prepare。
Distributable military commander
“Nine brother,Jiuyi has sent Li Dingchuan into the hospital.,Two devilguards were also seriously injured,A bodyguard of Li Gongzi is also hurt.,There should be no danger of life。”Su Qian report,
“Row,Let Li Gong take a few days in the hospital.,In addition, you can’t learn this celebration.。”
“Nine brother,Do you want to make a program??”
“Program is already good,Inform you that they go to Bailemen in the two days and become familiar with the environment.,In addition to the No. 5 agent group、The jellyfish murder group has actions after five days。”
“Nine brother,Is this time you don’t need a military person??”
“correct,Let’s take a look at who is now in Shanghai.,In addition, I will see the Li Zihan of the Jinli http://www.jxh08.cn Death Squad. They are still not in Shanghai.。”
“I will go this.。”
“Song Jian、Tang Rui also has Tan Lin to see me。”
Su Qian goes to do things,Song Jian、Tang Rui also has Tan Lin to the office,Qi Rui tells them,Afterward:“This action is dominated by you,I will definitely be present.,You must pay attention to details,Can you do it??”
“can!”Three people are full of confidence,
“This time you have to work hard.。”
“Big brother,Such a lot of action,What is this sin?。”Song Jian said,
“Yes,Nine brother,This is not something!”Tan Lin also said,
“Big brother,Do they have to come??”Tang Rui asked,
“Their task is to make a chaos outside the field.,In this way, the killer of the devil will escape again.。”
Rui is the commander of the garrison,He will definitely not participate in the action:“Still emphasizing a little,That is to pay attention to the details!”
In the evening, Su Qian came back to the Qi Rui:“Nine brother,Now the military, the general area is Wang Shi’an.,Deputy station length is Gu Shen,The captain of the action is Lin Nan,Shanghai station is now a big blood,The previous main force is all adjusted to other places.,The six brothers left the golden death team before leaving us.,Now the four girls are waiting for them.。”
“Let them find you nine。”There is no problem with these four girls.,I value them from the four brothers to six brothers.。
“Nine brother,Jiuyi asked specific action plans。”
“I will tell her in person.。”
“Nine brothers must also go to Bailemen?”Su Qian asked,
“To open the celebration there,My garrison commander to see the scene is normal.,We will pack it tonight.。”