Publicize the dynamic management of public rental houses Actively declared every 24 months

Original title: Multis-child woman waiting for family priority rental reporter Zhao Yingying City Yesterday Yesterday, Yesterday, "Notice on Strengthening the Qualification Review and Management of Public Lease Housing", clearly implemented dynamic management and accurate protection for public rental housing in this city.

Public rental housing qualification filing During the waiting period, you need to declare the family situation every 24 months and qualify for review. Multisos are waiting for a family. During the 24 months of declaring the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, this city basically formed "one rental purchase 1 supplement" housing security supply system. Up to now, nearly 90,000 public rental housing, the city’s rental subsidies have been distributed, and the families of low-income, low-income, major illness, and disability have realized it.

However, it is subject to factors such as population and resources, and there are still about 120,000 households in public rental homes.

  "Let a limited public resource benefit from difficult family groups, which requires sound efficient and accurate qualification review and distribution systems, including dynamic management and regular review of public rental housing qualifications." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Housing and Construction Committee said. According to the notice, the public rental housing qualification filing is every 24 months from the date of the public rental housing, and the family is reported to the construction of the township security department within 1 month in advance; the family situation has not changed It is also required to declare. The democratic social security department should take a telephone, SMS, email, etc. to take a telephone, SMS, email, and other ways, to take the initiative to report related matters to the household applicant. According to the requirements, the public rental housing qualification filing is not filed within the prescribed time limit. It will be automatically terminated. If the family still meets the application conditions for public rental housing, the application can be re-filed, and since the date of receipt Calculate the waiting time. Special difficult family priority care notice is proposed to obtain special difficulties such as the low-income (including decentralized supply specialty families), low-income, disability, and major illnesses in public rental housing, and the number of families and waiting time exceeds 5 years of family, district inheritance department can combine the actual situation in this area, directly distribute the list of resort notices. The alternative list of the selected room shall be not less than two, and the unit type should match the family qualification of the notification, including the families of mini children, according to the number of mini children, the number of children’s choices, etc. .

  The reporter noticed that Beijing is the first city that implements a policy of encouraging birth policies in public rental housing. "Statistics, currently in the city’s public rental house, there are 2,000 families with no adult children.

"The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Housing and Construction Committee said that many children’s waiting families are included in the scope of public rental housing, which means that such families have no need to register, and they are allowed to stay in public rental housing as soon as possible.

  At the same time, the notice is clear that the housing should be told when the household security sector is organized, and the family should be informing the collection or signing the accumulation of the accumulation, and the listings are no longer available within one year. After the year is expirable, the district’s inheritance department shall check the family according to the review process, and the review is still eligible, and can be included in the rental range again. If the family has reached a total of two times to give up the selection or signing, the district’s inheritance department will not provide a list of homes within three years.

  In a variety of ways, the gradient guarantee is accused of renting a rental family for public rental housing. If you apply for an review, only the income is slightly exceeded, how to deal with? The concept of "gradient protection" is also clarified.

  According to the notice, it is reviewed before the rented household for rent housing, and its rented public rental housing shall be implemented in accordance with Article 16 of the Beijing Public Rental Housing Management Measures.

  It is clear that the rental family will no longer meet the rental conditions of public rental housing, but the family members have no housing in this city, and they can apply for continuing to rent housing. After approval by the urban housing security department, they should follow the same type of housing in the same area. Market rental standard payment house rent. If the family is no longer in line with public rental rental conditions, and family members have homes in this city, they should be exited.

  "At present, the city has formed a variety of ways of housing security, exceeding the housing family of public rental housing, can also apply for rental affordable rental housing, or apply for market rental subsidies to solve housing difficulties.

"The person in charge said that, the city is currently studying the access to affordable rental housing, and the affordable rental housing will not review the income and asset conditions of the application for families.

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