Red tourism bursts youthful

  Visitors visited in the Martyrs Memorial Hall of Nanjing Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery.

  Sun Zhongnan Jing Xinhua News Agency sent tourists to visit the Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial Hall.Xu Hongxing’s photo of Xinhua News Agency has continued to rise in the national red tourism in the country, and the appeal and influence of red tourism are getting stronger.

Many red destinations continue to innovate content and forms, with night travel, scientific fashion, rural revitalization, etc., make red culture and vivid, red tourism, youthful, more and more "90" "00"Young man in love with red trip.Red tourism continues to heat up and take advantage of this year’s holiday travel market, and the red tour is popular.

People learn a revolutionary history, feel the desire of revolutionary culture, and visit the revolutionary site, memorial hall, and museums.

Ctrip Red Tourism Data shows that the number of tickets booking a red scenic spot will increase by 208% year-on-year, an increase of 35% from the same period in 2019.

Red tourism, red rural, red scenic spots become the most searching for the most keywords. Beijing, Jiangsu, Hunan, Shanghai, Hebei, Shaanxi, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Henan, Guizhou and other red tourism resources are prosperous.

  From 2004 to 2019, the national red tourism resources continued to expand, and people who participated in red tourism every year from hundreds of millions.

Among them, the proportion of young people is getting more and more serious, and the young trend in the red tourism market is obvious. The Ctrip Report shows that in this year, the "80" "90" "" after "after 80", "" after the "00", the "90" after the order of the order increased by 21% year-on-year, "00 "More active, up 165% year-on-year.

"80 after" The favorite baby is going to the red attraction, and the 30% family chooses the red parent-child tour.

  "Red Tourism + Country Tour" has driven the rapid development of the cultural industry. The "Red Tourity + Rural Tourism" special line is developed, which promotes the revitalization of rural villages.

Shijiazhuang Xibahpo Red Shengshi Scenic Spot, Yimeng Red Video Base, Dabie Mountain Red Tourist Area, Xijiang Qianxian Miao Village combined with the purpose of the red and country characteristics, these scenic spots this year’s order increased in 2019 Average growth 496 %.

  Zhang Zun Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning said that with the patriotic education, youths have more towards red culture, and the red tourism market continues to glow birth opportunities and vitality.

At the same time, the infrastructure and upgrading of the red tourist destination, the quality of service is significantly improved. The red experience is fresh to enrich the tourists’ tour experience, many red tourist scenic spots launched a night performance, letting the red story "live" through the light, VR, immersive theater, etc.

Suzhou Shajiabang Scenic Area launched "Hengqi Night" Wen Travel Various Tour, Following Exercise, Light and Shadow Technology, Folk Ceremony, Sightseeing, Dressup Interaction, etc. The ticket order is 275% year-on-year. The "Red Classic, Colorful Night Tour" of the Shandong Zaozhuang Railway Tournament Scenic Area is loved by tourists.

Hundreds of drones fell over the scenic spot, constantly changing the familiar "party flag" "Sunrise" "Sunday" "Shengli" "Train Head" "Box Gun" and other classic red shapes. The scenic spot also uses the interaction of the naked eye 3D, so that visitors will appreciate the different scenery of the railway guerrillas. Changshanzhuang, Yinan County, Shandong is a famous "red scorpion".

The locals turned "Farmhouse" into a real small theater, launched a series of red immersive performance repertoires.

When the tourists enter the housing, they can participate in the interaction interaction. The immersion experience drama "Yimeng Four Seasons · Red Semi", which was created by Yimeng Red Film and Television Base, attracted a large number of tourists, became a new highlight of Yimeng red cultural tourism. This year’s order volume increased by more than 17 times compared to 2019.

  Jiangxi recently launched the first revolutionary old site immersed real drama "Eighth One", the story is in the 1927 Nanchang Uprising as the main line, through the third person, the number of narrative methods, the number of people in parallel intersection, showing the Chinese youth Blood songs. "Eighth" That year "is active on the revolutionary site, and the audience brings an immersive experience with sound optoelectronic technology.

Unlike the traditional stage drama, the tourists can see the performances, but also change the military uniforms into the characters in the play, participate in the performance. This immersive experience creates a realistic scene, letting red tourism further "circle powder" young. Ctrip Data Display: The number of scenic spots in the red scenic spot and night hospitts rose by 75% year-on-year.

Tourists choose a red scenic spot to pay more attention to night tour projects. "Immersed Red Night Tour" becomes a new trend of red tourism. The red tourism continues to enhance the experience of tourists, from the initial visit to the red cultural relics exhibition in the memorial or site, sit in the theater to watch the red performance, to participate in the real illness immersion performance, tourists from visitors to the participants, truly feel the red history Pulsation, experience the spirit of red culture.

  Red Tourism continues to innovate a lot of red tourism scenic spots continue to promote "red tourism +", integration with multi-state, actively embrace wisdom, digitization, and use new technologies to continuously bring a bright surprise and new sense experience.

Red Cultural High-tech Theme Park – Yinzhou Fang Dasheng wants to know, use 4D track car movies, phantom imaging theater and other high-tech, create interactive red theme projects, especially by young tourists.

  Red tourism is also vigorously introduced into the new form of Wenbo, Wenchuang, Film IP and other elements, innovative role play, immersion experience, outdoor expansion, and promoting red tourism to interactive, participation, and experience-in-way transformation.

Taking the "Red Tour + Video IP" as an example, Tour Care Tourism Product Designers introduced to reporters: "The hot broadcast of many red theme film and television works this year, which triggered young people’s interested interest in red culture. We put young people Interesting points into the red tourism product design, in the new cultural sports memorial hall associated with TV dramas, "New Youth" editorial residential site, Li Dazhao’s former residence, join the content of the film and television classic scene, combined with the plot adjustment guide Words, forming the depth interaction of film and television scenes and historical scenes, so that young tourists have brought red history, feel red culture. "The red study tour of the entertaining is loved by parents and children. Turkey Tourist in the newly launched red tourism products to deeply integrate red tourist attractions, historical situations, and live experimental teaching.

Many parents said that red tourism is an indispensable "second class" outside the school, I hope to wear the red military uniform with the child, walk the "Long Zun Road", sing the revolutionary song, eat a bitter sweet rice, etc. A generation of remembers the history of 嵘, continues the red spirit. (Editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Guangyu) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.