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In the early days of Kam Lake, Yongxing Lake, a pool, "picking up the lotus infinity", the lotus is leisurely, sporadic, pink, flowers, lotus, blue, leaf gathered in a piece .

The sword refers to the blue sky, the spike-shaped panfish grass, the shy and smashing the water shield, the probe, the water shield, fear, squeezing, squeezing it, pushing in the pond.

Every rainy day, the rain is silent, the lotus leaves collected rain kids, poured down at the moment that can’t bearened, squats like someone throwing stones in the calm lake, screaming.

Divider is a big water drip, the lotus leaves are overwhelmed, but they have been caught by another leaf. After receiving the water ball and then pass it to the next leaf, the surrounding leaves have a letter, hey Micro bend, crystal water is lightly rolled over another lotus leaf and finally attributed to the pond.

Lake Yongxing Lake is also known as the Kanshan, located in the north of Zigu Village.

The two thousand people aged have been flowing: swim, there is no life.

The gossip of the gossip in Zigu Village is built in the "Easy", the junction, and the second gas unity, the heavens and people will take the gossip.

In the Tang Dynasty, the surname of the Tang Dynasty, the dam is built on the village of Zhongchuan River, causing the water into the village, and the water in the house is still used in drinking, fire, washing, irrigation, flood, and designer wisdom.

I just don’t know if I have a living water. I have risen in Hui Hui since the Song Dynasty. Justice, Jude combined, Confucianism is connected, but also has a senior official, and the village is proud of the villagers.

The three streets in the village, the 99th alley is like a maze.

The folks have been described in the village to enter the village: "Ten has a nine road, staying in Zigu Fu." Three streets, the front street is also known as the business street, the merchant sells the land; Zhong Ying Street is also known as official street, Huizhang, bureaucrat, literati They gathered; the back street is the people of the people. Huizhou Denja, a city, is a cuishanista. The village is idle, and the national key cultural relics protection unit looks up.

The essence attractions are concentrated in Zhongying Street, there are openings, five rooms, Yan Wing Tang, Luo Chunfu House and other open attractions, as well as pure love hall, Wang Yingchuan, Hongzhu, Gu Gang, Luo Jinglin house, etc. National treasure cultural relics, now still sheltered with the descendants of the house owner.

The old house carving is to add a swallow to the swallow, and the firewood is smoked by the firewood.

The white gray mountain wall is like a painting master to sprinkle ink.

Yan Yingtang, the Yuanling Xiu Xiu, is built in the early days of the Ming Dynasty, and the typical rich family style in Huizhou. The vicissitudes of life, the six hundred spring and autumn, winter, still rugged away, the meaning of the people in the mountains, the housing three-sided water is flowing, there is no repairing channel behind the house, taken from Huizhou Fengshui said: Water does not turn flow.

Water is available in the government’s personnel to drink, the slurry is washed, or it can be placed in rainy days. The door mask brick carving is exquisite, the door is even more than him, and the square stone brick outside is outside. It is wood. The two are fixed with iron nails. There are iron bolts on the wall after the door. To stand, such a big door, fire, anti-theft, anti-Handrai. This door in the village is everywhere, the giant giant, the literati family security door standard style. The building is even more, and it is said that it can automatically fire, prevent problems, it has been well deserved is a fire list. Yan Wing Hall has won the second prize of the World Ancient Fire Organization. It is seen that this fire prevention material is everywhere, and it is a wisdom of this home designer.

Flame retardant materials are hidden in the floor interlayer, and daily life is not affected. The floor of the third floor of the second floor of the house is hidden in a thick and fine sand. The thick sand on the fine sand is another layer of small stone bricks. When the floor is burned after the fire, the sand falls to the sand, then the small stone bricks fall into further fire The stone bricks will not be wounded, and after the disaster reconstruction work is saved and effort.

The second into three into the building is a typical ribbon-"fat beam in the positive day" style, due to the rain in the roof, the rain flows into the patio from four sides, called "four water returned." Huiantian and heavy water said, pay attention It is the four water to return to the hall, and the fertilizer is not flowing out.

It is far away from the patio to look up, one party clears, the light is bright, it can be seen to see the channel, the whole space, the whole space is like a channel left to the Earth people, and the mysterious and clear, simple and easy. Mr. Nan Yu Jing Luo Shu Shu, the appearance of the village, and the appearance is magnificent but simple. The four people in the "enjoy the hall" have a coarse support pillar, and the golden silk, the melon, the melon, the beam has a fragrant yellow sandalwood, and the pale wood in the hall has endless. A single golden silk is a column, which has been identified by the experts a few more than 300 million yuan.

The tons of the temple "伦 叙", each word is one meter, and the Ming Dynasty, Dong Qichang, the most reputation, how to install success, is also a mystery. The people said that this is not damaged during the cultural revolution. It is benefited from its greatness and heavy, and the red soldiers climbed up to destroy many times, but suffering from could not start. A teacher couldn’t bear the cultural relics to be destroyed, and the plaque was overdoked, and the book: "Study hard every day!" Drop Mao Zedong, so the 匾 无 无. There are more than 70 pieces of plaques in the ancestral hall, but there is no such good luck, and the red soldiers who are ignorant of ignorance will be exhausted. Jinshi Nanmuger enjoys the wisdom of osmanthus, Ye Shi, the sun, leaking the square of the square, and the students who have leaked Qian Qian, whether the students will be swayed by this bunch of illuminated books Hurt your eyes.

Luo Dong Shuyu be sleep is two-story architecture, different from other folk ancestral halls, but the unusual places in Baodi are not only limited to this. The underlying construction is eleven, three steps seven levels, and the brightener painted with the Ming Yellow Emperor, the arch is "squid vomiting", the squid head is the leader.

Today, it seems that there seems to have a crime of 僭僭 僭, but it is only guilty that it is not guilty. People only sigh the carvings of the house, and the beauty will flow out of the hared. The upper building is famous for the name of the Emperor to entertain the 罗 罗 家, give this unregistered building a layer of loyalty insurance.

Changchun Society was built in the Northern Song Dynasty, but it was not eroded by dust, but he was a pet in the sun and the moon, and the past history is like yesterday.

The recent repaired in the Qing Dynasty is like the first time.

Only the millet moss on the ground, telling the millennium years old. Ancient stone arch single hole Longxing Bridge Shangfang grass, Yuan Dynasty peasant woman self-construction ring _ ancient times deep feelings, Hanshi built a slightly spots, Qing Guangxu, the primary school children’s voice, but not to make eight stocks, and learn astronomy Geography, natural science.

The lower house built by Ming Dynasty Luo Xiaohua is also here to say that the Master of the Mo is not inhabilitated, and he is with a few house wife.

The famous folk house, the famous folk family, the ancestral hall, the archway, and the ridge is as small. At the beginning of the village, Luojia’s ancestors have focused on public facilities construction, and the sector maintains tradition. The cross-intersection of the Ding Jijun is still in the building, the next building, Zhong Yinglou will be more than the building. The disaster, the veteran, and the festival hangs Jiqing lighting fire. The Changchun Society built in the Song Dynasty is the only village social house in Huizhou District. Rain shampoo in the field, the rice, the rice, the rice, the color of the color, the color, the mutual transformation color, Lingjin Mountain, Ge Yam Qingyi, when the rain, the cloud is soft, the clouds, the far hill, China rice field, Near house, fascinating illusory. Overlooking the village, the rain is cleaned, and the red peppers in the empty ground, sweeping the black and white village.